Integrative Cancer Care


Tshono healing and wellness institute is a center with a primary focus on applying the science of nutrition to achieve proper body function, enhance healing, and to prevent disease. We are situated in Bryanston, at Naturally Yours Center (Weleda Pharmacy Centre), Johannesburg.


Our Services

Weight Loss – Metabolic Balance Program

personalized nutrition plan for permanent weight loss solution. 100% scientific, natural and nutritional More

IV Nutrition

We offer life enhancing nutrient infusions that replenish body nutrients, boost the immune system, energize and regenerate body cells. Our infusions are specially designed to revolutionize health, combat ill-health and disease, support healing, recovery, to prevent disease and put you in deep-level health. More

Breast Health

Our clinic is dedicated to empowering women and also men at risk with information and tools to prevent and defeat breast cancer. Our vision is the reduction of the ever increasing cancer burden in South Africa. More

Cancer Care

Tshono Wellness Institute offers a variety of therapies that complement standard cancer treatment, enhance health, wellbeing and treatment outcome. Our complementary therapies are based on the latest scientific studies that demonstrate positive effects of a multimodal approach to cancer treatment. More

Health Transformation Program


Tshono Wellness Institute has become a refuge for those battling with long term illness. Our Health Transformation program has helped many people regain health and live better. More

Corporate Wellness

The Corporate Wellness program is designed for busy executives who want to maximize energy, performance, brain function, mental focus, immunity and wellbeing. The program helps you build health, modulate stress and prevent disease.  It helps you live life fully with vigor and vitality. More

Health & Wellness Assessment

The Annual Wellness Assessment is a comprehensive medical consultation. It is conversation with the doctor to review your health history, existing health issues and concerns, to evaluate your state of well-being and identify potential problems that might be cropping up. The visit concludes with a plan to improve health and mitigate health risks. More

Detoxification Program

Tshono Wellness Institute offers a 30-day science-based, medically guided detoxification program that helps the body detoxify, energize, revitalize and heal. More

Bio-identical Hormone Balancing

Balanced hormones are essential for good health and disease prevention. Hormone levels decline with age resulting in signs of ageing, unpleasant symptoms and illnesses in both men and women. Replacing hormone helps you restore youthful energy and health. More

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