Executive In-Health program

Corporate Wellness

The Corporate Wellness program is designed for busy executives who want to maximize energy, performance, brain function, mental focus, immunity and wellbeing. The program helps you build health, modulate stress and prevent disease.  It helps you live life fully with vigor and vitality.

This program starts with an initial doctor consultation to discuss current health, medical conditions, medication, health concerns and goals. A personalized wellness plan is then designed specifically for you and your own individual health needs and will typically include:

  • IV Therapy Plan.

Specialized IV nutrient infusions at much higher doses than it is possible to take orally will be customized to address your own individual health challenges, to support your body organs, body function and turn your health around.

Our life enhancing nutrient infusions replenish body nutrients, energize and regenerate body cells. They nutrient ingredients are carefully selected to help you restore health and wellbeing.

  • Nutrition Plan.

A good diet is the best medicine and the cornerstone of deep-level health. What you put on your plate either promotes health or promotes illness. A healthy body inhibits disease from thriving. Nutritional guidance on nutrient dense whole-food and appropriate supplementation is vital for health restoration.

  • Stress Management

We give guidance on stress management strategies and options. Our fitness instructor offers:

  • Yoga for physical and mental health. Yoga enhances health, increases strength, flexibility and reduces symptoms of stress, depression and anxiety.
  • Pilates for increased core and muscular strength, tone and flexibility. It helps align your body.

These exercises together with meditation and controlled breathing calm mind, body, heart and soul into perfect harmony.

Experience the benefits

  • Immediate results
  • Better health
  • Better energy
  • Better performance
  • Better memory and mental focus