Integrative Cancer Care

Cancer Care

Helping you raise your odds against cancer

Tshono Healing & Wellness Institute offers a variety of therapies that complement standard cancer treatment, enhance health, well being and treatment outcome. Our complementary therapies are based on the latest scientific studies that demonstrate positive effects of a multi-modal approach to cancer treatment.

Benefits of complementary cancer care

  • Enhances the cancer-killing effects of chemo and radiation
  • Alleviates the unpleasant effects of cancer and the side-effects of cancer treatment
  • Nourishes the body, strengthens the immune system, maximises innate body defence, cancer-fighting and healing ability.
  • Helps rebuild health and wellbeing after treatment.
  • Helps prevents cancer recurrence.
  • Stimulates the immune system, improves health, quality of life and longevity for those diagnosed with terminal disease.

 High dose vitamin C is an integral part of our complementary cancer care. It is smoothly integrated with conventional cancer treatments to support health before, during and after treatment. Our cancer wellness strategies include the anti-cancer diet, appropriate supplementation, stress management techniques and additional IV nutrients depending on patient condition and need.

Integrative cancer care is the combined use of standard cancer treatment and complementary therapies to help patients stay strong enough to complete their prescribed treatment plan, to reduce treatment interruptions and improve treatment results.

Our therapies are carefully selected to support and not interfere with efficacy of standard cancer treatments. We work in collaboration with oncologists, dieticians and other health professionals for best patient outcome.

 Why integrative Cancer Care?

Surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation therapy are the medical standard of cancer care. They are the most researched and widely used options to rid the body of cancer cells fast and efficiently. While these treatments are meant to destroy cancer cells, they may unfortunately also harm healthy tissue causing unwanted side effects including extreme weakness and immune compromise and further deterioration in health. These can lead to treatment delays and interruption thus impacting on treatment outcome. Most people experience side effects only during treatment and for others side effects can last for months, years or even for a lifetime.

On the other hand complementary therapies help counter weakness and fatigue, supports nutritional status, the immune system and well being.

Complementary therapies are not standard treatment and not routinely taught in medical schools but are emerging therapies with benefits that are backed by scientific evidence. These therapies are also called alternative therapies and used instead of conventional therapies in some quarters. At Tshono Healing & Wellness Institute; these are used in addition as complementary to standard treatment, not as standalone. The goal of complementary cancer care is to help combat side effects of chemo and radiation whilst maximizing their cancer-killing effects.

Combined use of conventional and complementary therapies has been shown to be quicker and more effective at achieving treatment goals, getting rid of the cancer fast while alleviating side effects and distress, optimizing recovery, well being and longevity. The overall treatment experience and results being better than the use of only one.