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Weight Loss – Metabolic Balance Program

personalized nutrition plan!

  • permanent weight loss solution
  • 100% scientific, natural and nutritional
  • A personal eating plan that matches your own body chemistry
  • Based on your uniquemedical history and laboratory tests and preferences 
  • Burn fat whilst you sleep
  • Lose up to 6kg in the first two weeks of the program.
  • Improve energy, stamina, sleeping patterns, mood and concentration
  • Balance metabolism, Balance hormones and Restore health
  • Prevent and reverse chronic diseases – stop or reduce medication.

Hypertension, Cholesterol , heart disease, migraine, II Diabetes, sleeping-difficulties, menstruation problems, hormonal imbalances, hyperactivity, and allergies.

No diet, No hunger, No pills and no shakes, No exercise initially



What is Metabolic Balance?

  • The foods selected are based on your personal body chemistry and therefore, no two meal plans will be the same. It is not a one-diet fits all approach. Your plan is created for you based on your body chemistry.
  • There are a few basic rules to follow and this allows for long term results in weight reduction. You will never have to follow another diet again.
  • There are no calorie counting, pills, injections or shakes to drink. The foods selected are available from your local grocery store or farmers market
  • You will experience rapid fat loss, especially in the first 14 days and no exercise is allowed in this time. You will burn fat whilst you sleep.
  • Protein, fat and carbohydrates are included in your plan, so there is no “dumping syndrome” and no “yo-yo” effects as insulin levels are controlled.
  • You may only eat 3 meals per day with no snacking in between.
  • The food on your plate is enough to avoid low glucose levels and avoid starvation. You will enjoy a good mood and controlled appetite.
  • The Metabolic Balance program can be completed by any person who would like to experience rejuvenation, increased energy, optimal health, balanced hormonal system and metabolism.
  • Sport-specific programs can also be created to enhance endurance and performance for the individual.
  • If you suffer from weight-related health problems, these will be addressed during your initial consultation and be factored into your specific program.